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Built as a hub for everything related to entrepreneurship, innovation, Tech and Startups in Tunisia. This site is curated by a team of aspiring change-driven entrepreneurs. You can connect with us on Twitter, Linkedin, and Meetup. Have an event to share ? Get in touch with us ! (Yes, we do respond to emails faster than your grandparents !)


The Tunisian Startup Magic: Find and get in touch with rising startups in Tunisia.


Join the best active groups on the internet and be part of the most trendy startup events.


Grow your network by exchanging and getting in touch with interesting people in the startup scene.


Startups conferences and events around Tunisia.

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Startups is an innovative platform for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • January 2013

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Like every great website, startups.tn was born from the need to collect information in one place where people can roam around. What’s hot and what’s not? Which events are buzzing? A list of articles about starting up in Tunisia? etc...

  • March 2014

    A Community is Born

    While there are a lot of pages about Tunis as a tourist destination, there is nothing to cover the needs around being a tech-entrepreneur person. Tourists want to know how to go to Bardo Museum, we want to know how to get to EL Space or the Apéro Des Entrepreneurs.

  • November 2015

    Transition to Full Service

    Being an international helps to understand much of the problems expats are running into here and part of us doing this by putting the work into the Tunis tech-startup groups is exactly for that reason. We want even more smart people to come to Tunis, because… everything is in Tunis now.

  • April 2016

    Phase Two Expansion

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We're a fast-growing passionate team of startup founders and enthusiasts.


Changemaker at EL Space, CTO at Utopixar & curator at startupdigest


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